Asia Inspired Nail Polish Set (6 Piece)

This Asia-Inspired Nail Polish Set includes 6 halal nail polishes inspired by cities in Asia: Jakarta, Lahore, Jaipur, Malé, Petra, and Kashmir.

Jakarta: Our violet color was inspired by the purple domes of the At-Tin Mosque and the violet lights of the bustling urban city in Indonesia. Jakarta is best described as a soft violet.

Lahore: This color was inspired by the marble domes of the Badshahi Mosque of Lahore, Pakistan. This 16th century mosque, also referred to as the “Emperor’s Mosque” is embellished with stone carvings, red sandstone, and stucco tracery. Lahore is a blue-toned gray.

Jaipur: Jaipur is inspired by the “the pink city” of India, a color scheme that’s enforced by local law and seen on every building in the city. Jaipur is best described as a deep and bold pink.

Malé: Our bright blue was inspired by the Indian ocean surrounding Malé, Maldives–an island nation known for its surfing, resorts, and scuba diving as well as its mosques and colorful buildings. Malé is best described as a bright cobalt blue.

Petra: Petra is an incredible pre-historic city in Jordan, one of the wonders of the world. It is called the “Pink City” because of the carved soft pink cliffs. Petra is best described as a soft pink nude. One coat provides a translucent shimmer and two coats make it opaque.

Kashmir: Kashmir is inspired by Kashmir’s traditional tea, Kashmiri chai, and the pink blossoms and tulips of the Mughal Gardens. Kashmir is best described as a dusk purple color– with a slight pink tone.